February 27, 2021


Alert Level Two Update: 27 February 2021

We are able to operate at Level 2. Here is a summary of our operational procedures to keep staff and customers safe.

From 06.00 28 February 2021 we are taking the following steps in an effort to keep Jet boating and Time Tripper experiences a safe and clean environment and also to protect the health and safety of all our employees.

Contact tracing: We ask for all customers to sign in using the COVID tracer app, and we also take a phone number from the customer group if contact tracing is required in the future.

Booking and payment: There is contactless payment and this is encouraged, available at the Main Town Pier. Customers can also book online and pay in advance.

A minimum 1 metre gap at all times is in place when staff are interacting with customers at all our sites, the Main Town Pier, the Marina and Time Tripper.

Customers queuing for Jet boat trips and Time Tripper will be at specifically marked out points on the Main Town Pier to maintain social distancing. Customers to be directed to queue behind crowd control barriers

We request that customers please dress warmly (we recommend ski gear in winter) including bringing your own waterproof coat or rain jacket.

Life jackets are disinfected after every trip.

Customers will be offered face masks when they are in the line.

We require customers to please wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and dry thoroughly before participating in Jet boating.

Hand sanitiser is available to use for all staff and customers

Staff will hand out life jackets to customers while they are in the queue, maintaining a 1 metre distance, and will demonstrate the correct procedure for wearing and tightening life jackets.

We request that you please leave your valuables at home, we cannot store bags. Small bags may be taken on the boat and held between your legs.

If you are unwell, or your partner/close contacts are unwell, we request you do not Jet boat; we also need to know if you have been traveling nationally or internationally before you arrived in Queenstown.

On the Jet Boat:

Drivers will be planning seating before the boats are loaded – customers will be seated in separate bubbles with a gap of 1 metre between each group.

Boats will be loaded/unloaded one row at a time, and customers are to dispose of face masks into rubbish bins provided after the trip. Hand sanitiser is available before and after the Jet boat trip.

Staff will collect life jackets and spray with disinfectant.

Hand rails, seats and boat surfaces will be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down in between trips.

In Time Tripper:

A minimum 1 metre gap will be in place at all times, when staff and customers interact.

Customers are to enter only at the direction of the staff member, and sanitise their hands upon entry.

Staff will allocate seating.

Staff to advise customers when they can exit to ensure social distancing at all times.

Hand rails will be sprayed with disinfectant and cleaned after every show.

Please do not be offended if our staff are wearing face masks, latex gloves or request that you stand 1 metre away from them.