Jet Boat Ride +Milford Sound Discover More Cruise

Discover Milford Sound Above and Below

Combine the ultimate Milford Sound Discover More Cruise experience with the thrills of a Jet boat ride in Queenstown. You have the freedom of choosing when you want to travel as well as saving money!

We’ve teamed up with the original Milford Sound cruise operator Southern Discoveries to offer you this combo for only $258!

Make your own way to Milford Sound, and enjoy a 3 hour cruise that explores the majestic fiord. Get up close to waterfalls and descend 10 metres below the sea to check out rare black coral and colourful sea creatures. This Milford Sound cruise is the only one that includes a visit to New Zealand’s only floating underwater observatory.

Back in Queenstown on your one hour KJet Jet boat trip, you get twice the fun on two rivers, including the world famous Shotover River. Our expert drivers take you across water that’s less than 5cm deep in some places, reaching speeds of up to 95kph and of course plenty of 360° spins.

Please note the Milford Sound Discover More Cruise departs daily from Milford Sound. You must make your own way to Milford Sound.

  • ADULT $258

  • CHILD $144


Please note it is not possible to do both activities in one day. Milford Sound is approximately 5 hours each way from Queenstown. Products must be booked together at the same time to receive combo deal.



Milford Sound Discover More Cruise: Departs daily at 9.30am, 10.30am, 12.15pm, 1.15pm & 2.30pm. You must make your own way to Milford Sound. Check in is 20 minutes before departure.

KJet: Every hour on the hour, 10am till late. Leaves from Main Town Pier or Frankton Marina, Queenstown. Check in is 15 minutes before departure.


It’s not every day you get the chance to take a spin on the world’s first commercial Jet boat ride. We capture every Jet boat ride, so make sure you check out your trip photos and videos to purchase here.



KJet Jet Boat

    Q. What should I wear on the Jet boat?

    A. For your comfort we recommend that you dress for the weather conditions on the day, keeping in mind that in our boats you will be travelling at 95kph and therefore the wind-chill can be frosty! Don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket, your sunglasses, (or goggles in winter) sunscreen, as well as hats & gloves in winter months. Please ensure your little ones are dressed especially warm.

    Q. Can I take my bags on the Jet boat?

    A. We are able to store backpacks or handbags. We do request that you please leave your valuables at home.

    Q. Can I take my camera on the Jet boat?

    A. On our trip there are many fantastic photo opportunities so YES, we’d love you to take your camera on board to capture these moments and share them. However, your camera is taken on board at your own risk, keep in mind with Jet boating there is the risk of getting slightly wet and we need you to be able to hold on to the hand rails, especially during our 360° spins. If you need more information about this please chat to our Reservations Team and Drivers when you check-in for your trip.

    Q. Will I get wet on the Jet boat?

    A. Part of the fun with Jet boating is the spray and drama! We recommend you wear a waterproof jacket. If you are really worried about getting wet then please request to our staff that you sit in the centre seats of the boat. Please note we can’t guarantee seating.

    Q. What is your child age?

    A. Our child age is 5-14 years. Our Infant age is 2-4 years and travel for FREE with an accompanying adult, as long as they can fit a lifejacket.

    Q. Can I ride KJet if I am pregnant?

    A. Unfortunately, pregnant thrill-seekers are unable to ride KJet.

    Q. Can you Jet boat in the winter?

    A. Absolutely! We also have heated hand-rails to keep your hands toasty and warm.

    Q. Is it wheelchair accessible?

    A. Yes absolutely, as long as a caregiver can help carry you down a set of stairs and assist you with getting in and out of the Jet boat.

    Q. Can I ride with KJet if I have a medical or physical condition?

    A. Please get in contact with our team if you have a medical or physical condition that may affect the enjoyment of your ride. If for any reason, you are unable to get in and out of the Jet boat by yourself, you will need to have a support person with you to help you get in and out of the Jet boat. If you are unable to hold onto the handrail or brace yourself with your feet throughout the duration of the ride, you will need to have a support person travel with you. If you’re unsure about an existing condition, we recommend you consult with your doctor prior for advice. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Milford Sound Discover More Cruise

    Q. Where do Milford Sound cruises leave from?

    A. All cruises leave from and return to the wharf at the Milford Sound Visitor Terminal.

    Q. Do all the cruises take the same route?

    A. Every cruise goes the full length of the fiord. However, the Discover More Cruise is the only one to visit the Milford Sound Underwater Observatory.

    Q. Do you operate on Christmas Day?

    A. All trips operate on different schedules. Please refer to the individual trip for dates and times. Most experiences operate on Christmas day, but are subject to schedule updates, weather conditions or COVID-19 requirements.

    Q. Will I see wildlife?

    A. Milford Sound has an abundance of wildlife and is home to New Zealand fur seals and bottlenose dolphins year-round. Rare Dusky dolphins are known to visit the fiord and the world’s rarest penguin, the Fiordland Crested Penguin/Tawaki visits Milford during breeding season (August - November) and moulting season (March/April). While there is wildlife in Milford Sound, we can’t guarantee sightings as these are wild animals in their natural habitat. A visit to the Milford Sound Underwater Observatory offers more wildlife viewing opportunities with an abundance of sea life below the surface.

    Q. Do your lunches have vegetarian options?

    A. Yes, picnic lunches can be ordered as vegetarian or vegan. You can select this when booking online.

    Q. Are the lunch options halal?

    A. All meat is certified Halal.

    Q. Which Milford Sound cruise is best for kids?

    A. All cruises are suitable for children.

    Q. Do you provide disabled/wheelchair access?

    A. The only cruise vessel in Milford Sound with wheelchair access is the 'Pride of Milford' where access to the vessel is by ramp. Disabled toilet facilities are in the Milford Sound Visitor Terminal where all cruises depart from. Please note the Milford Sound Underwater Observatory is 10 metres underwater and only accessible by stairs - approximately 60 steps.

    Q. Will the cruise go ahead if the weather is bad?

    A. Southern Discoveries operations team assess the weather and conditions for every cruise departure to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. If weather or other events could impact on the safety and comfort of our guests, then the cruise could be postponed, or in some unusual and infrequent circumstances, the cruise could be cancelled.

    Q. What should I bring on my Milford Sound cruise?

    A. Due to the changeable nature of the weather in Milford Sound, it’s a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket, warm clothing and to wear comfortable shoes. There are ponchos available for purchase so you can enjoy a glacial facial under Stirling Falls.

    Q. Is there parking in Milford Sound?

    A. Yes, there is car parking at the Milford Sound public car park. This car park does fill quickly in the summer months, so we advise getting there early.

    Q. Do you have webcams in Milford Sound and Queenstown?

    A. Yes, you can view how the weather and day looks in both destinations. Check out Southern Discoveries Milford Sound and Queenstown webcams.

    Q. What weather can I expect in Fiordland?

    A. Milford Sound is one of the wettest places in the world with an average annual rainfall of 7 metres per year. Rainfall can reach 250 millimetres in 24 hours and creates dozens of temporary waterfalls (as well as several more permanent ones) that cascade down the cliff faces, some reaching a thousand metres in height. The high rainfall is why Milford Sound is renowned for its spectacular waterfalls and rainforest. The temperature in Milford can vary depending on the season and can go from an average high of 19C (66F) in summer (Dec – Feb) to 9C (48F) in winter (Jun – Aug). All our vessels have spacious indoor areas with comfortable seating for cruising in all weather conditions.

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