Clay Target Sports +Jet boat ride

Jet boat + Clay Target Sports

Go top speed with KJet on a 60 minute Jet boat ride on the mighty Shotover and Kawarau Rivers, then be a top gun with Break One Clay Target Sports at their private range amidst the stunning landscape on Queenstown Hill Station.

First, step on board the Big Yellows located at the Main Town Pier for an hour of power on three waterways with KJet. Located in Central Queenstown Bay, you can’t miss the fastest and meanest V8 Jet boats in town.

Then join Break One’s professional instructors, who will guide you in the unique sport of Clay Target Sports – an exciting adventure like no other in Queenstown! Suitable for the first time shooter or seasoned professional, Break One personally guarantee you’ll hit a target as well as have fun doing it.

  • ADULT $234


Break One require children to be around 12 years of age, and recommend around 1.5m tall and weigh 50kgs, call us to check suitability. A minimum number of 4 people are required to confirm booking. This combo does not operate on Christmas or New Years Day.


  • 60 minute Jet boat ride in Queenstown and the Kawarau & Shotover Rivers
  • 2.5 hours return includes scored competition and one-on-one tuition with Break One Clay Target Sports
  • Return courtesy transport from The Station Building, Central Queenstown for Break One Clay Target Sports
  • Fantastic scenery and photo opportunities


KJet: Every hour on the hour from 10am till late. Leaves from Main Town Pier or Frankton Marina, Queenstown. Check in is 15 minutes before departure.

Break One: 10.00am and 1.00pm please indicate in booking notes your preferred time.
Please note this combo does not operate on Christmas Day or New Years Day.


It’s not every day you get the chance to take a spin on the world’s first commercial Jet boat ride. We capture every Jet boat ride, so make sure you check out your trip photos and videos to purchase here.


KJet Jet boat trip

    Q. What should I wear on the Jet boat?

    A. For your comfort we recommend that you dress for the weather conditions on the day, keeping in mind that in our boats you will be travelling at 95kph and therefore the wind-chill can be frosty! Don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket, your sunglasses, (or goggles in winter) sunscreen, as well as hats & gloves in winter months. Please ensure your little ones are dressed especially warm.

    Q. Can I take my bags on the Jet boat?

    A. We are able to store backpacks or handbags. We do request that you please leave your valuables at home.

    Q. Can I take my camera on the Jet boat?

    A. On our trip there are many fantastic photo opportunities so YES, we’d love you to take your camera on board to capture these moments and share them. However, your camera is taken on board at your own risk, keep in mind with Jet boating there is the risk of getting slightly wet and we need you to be able to hold on to the hand rails, especially during our 360° spins. If you need more information about this please chat to our Reservations Team and Drivers when you check-in for your trip.

    Q. Will I get wet on the Jet boat?

    A. Part of the fun with Jet boating is the spray and drama! We recommend you wear a waterproof jacket. If you are really worried about getting wet then please request to our staff that you sit in the centre seats of the boat. Please note we can’t guarantee seating.

    Q. What is your child age?

    A. Our child age is 5-14 years. Our Infant age is 2-4 years and travel for FREE with an accompanying adult, as long as they can fit a lifejacket.

    Q. What are the weight/height restrictions to ride KJet?

    A. Children – there is no height restriction to ride KJet. However, children must be able to fit into one of our life jackets. Adults – we do not have a weight restriction to ride KJet but you must be able to fit into one of our life jackets. We have a wide variety of life jackets available going up to a maximum size of 4XL.

    Q. Can I ride KJet if I am pregnant?

    A. Unfortunately, pregnant thrill-seekers are unable to ride KJet.

    Q. Can you Jet boat in the winter?

    A. Absolutely! We also have heated hand-rails to keep your hands toasty and warm.

    Q. Is it wheelchair accessible?

    A. Yes absolutely, as long as a caregiver can help carry you down a set of stairs and assist you with getting in and out of the Jet boat.

    Q. Can I ride with KJet if I have a medical or physical condition?

    A. Please get in contact with our team if you have a medical or physical condition that may affect the enjoyment of your ride. If for any reason, you are unable to get in and out of the Jet boat by yourself, you will need to have a support person with you to help you get in and out of the Jet boat. If you are unable to hold onto the handrail or brace yourself with your feet throughout the duration of the ride, you will need to have a support person travel with you. If you’re unsure about an existing condition, we recommend you consult with your doctor prior for advice. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Break One Clay Target Sports

    Q. I have never shot before? Can I still come along? Will I be able to do it?

    A. Absolutely! We offer one-on-one coaching and tuition to help you hit the target and gain a skill in Clay Shooting! It is our promise that everyone will hit a target and have fun doing it! No previous experience is necessary – and often we have found people who have never shot before can still make our ‘Top Gun’ leader board!

    Q. My friends want me to join them in the shooting, but I’m worried the gun will be too heavy and hurt my shoulder!

    A. There’s no need to worry! We have carefully chosen the equipment we use! We use Beretta guns specifically designed to be used by both beginners and experienced shooters, with a specially designed recoil reducer and low recoil ammunition. In addition to the one-on-one coaching, we can ensure you will enjoy the experience!

    Q. I have hired a car and would like to self-drive to the range? Can I do that?

    A. Due to our remote location, you cannot anyone to self-drive. We do provide complimentary return transport from The Station Building, Central Queenstown. It also allows you to enjoy the journey, take in the views and of course take as many photos as you like!

    Q. I am traveling on my own, but have seen you need a minimum of 2 people to confirm a trip. Can I still come along?

    A. We do require two people to confirm a trip, however contact us to find out if we have a confirmed trip you can join.

    Q. Can I take photos/videos of my shooting experience with you?

    A. Of course! We encourage you to take as many pictures and videos as you like. Please remember to share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram as well as our Trip Advisor page!

    Q. I would like to bring my family shooting, can my children come along?

    A. Clay Target Shooting is a great family activity, although we do have a minimum size requirement. We suggest children be around 12 years of age, and recommend around 1.5m tall and weigh 50kgs. This is to ensure they are able to manage the firearm safely and of course enjoy the experience! Contact us to check suitability. We are unable to transport children who require a booster or car seat.

    Q. My friends are booked in for the Clay Target Shooting, can I come along and watch?

    A. Due to limited space on our vehicles, we cannot guarantee that we have space for spectators. Please give us a call prior to your departure to check spectator availability.

    Q. The weather forecast for my holiday in Queenstown is looking terrible! Do you still go ahead in bad weather conditions?

    A. We are not as weather dependent as some activities in Queenstown! It generally takes torrential rain, or a dump of snow to stop us getting up the hill to shoot some clays! In the event of bad weather, please call us if you’re unsure.

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    warm jacket

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