Queenstown Underwater Experience

What’s hidden under Lake Wakatipu?

Queenstown’s only underwater experience takes you on a journey through time and legend beginning many millions of years ago.

Head down two flights of stairs under Lake Wakatipu into our underwater theatre. The famous fish, diving ducks and slinky eels are visible until a large cinema screen descends and you begin your time travel journey. As you wait for the next time jump window to open, you’ll get to see the beautiful love story and Māori Legend of Lake Wakatipu.

Your time travel pilot will guide you back 90 million years, through the time of the dinosaurs, take you to when New Zealand was formed, fly you deep into the earth when the Southern Alps were created and through the glacier that carved out Lake Wakatipu. Ending in present day Queenstown, you then experience adventure activities you can do – all from the comfort of your rumbling seat! 

You then experience 15 minutes of underwater viewing where we feed the famous diving ducks, slinky eels and rainbow & brown trout that lie beneath.

Time Tripper is also available as a birthday party activity.

  • ADULT $15

  • CHILD $8

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Want to know more?

  • Is this ok for kiddies? Absolutely! Time Tripper is suitable for all ages. Kids love the dinosaurs but Murray the Mosasaur can be a little bit scary! Our child age is 3 – 14, and infants 0 – 2 are free of charge.
  • Can you still see the fish? Yes! The slinky eels and diving ducks are still ruling the waters. The experience includes 15 minutes of underwater viewing.
  • How often do you blast off? Every 30 minutes from 9.45am till late, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • How long is it? The entire experience takes 30 minutes which includes 15 minutes of underwater viewing.
  • What should I wear? Wear something white, florescent or neon and watch yourself glow up as you head down the stairs into our black light theatre.
  • Haven’t answered your question? Call our dedicated Time Tripper hotline on (03) 442 8538 or email bookings@timetripper.co.nz



    Q. Can I film the experience?

    A. Just like a cinema, no filming or recording is permitted during the movie. However, you are free to take as many photos and videos once the screens are up. The slinky eels love smiling for the camera!

    Q. Can I take food and drink?

    A. No food or drink is permitted down in Time Tripper.

    Q. Is it wheelchair accessible?

    A. Unfortunately, the Time Tripper experience is not wheelchair accessible as it is 5 metres below the water and accessed by two flights of stairs, however if a caregiver is able to carry you down and up two flights of stairs you are most welcome to come down!

    Q. Can I hire out Time Tripper?

    A. Absolutely! Flick our events team an email events@kjet.co.nz or call us on 0800 52 92 72.

    Q. Do you offer birthday packages?

    A. We sure do, what could be better than a birthday party under the lake? Click here for more information.