Jet Boat Ride +Scenic Helicopter Flight +Skyline Gondola + 3 Luge Rides



This is the ultimate Queenstown package! Combine four of the best activities in Queenstown with our terrific KJet High Flyer. Begin your day by experiencing an adrenaline fuelled Jet boat ride from central Queenstown. Next you will take to the skies on an incredible Helicopter flight over Queenstown, including a landing on the Remarkables mountain range with Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters. This action packed day continues with a trip up the Skyline Queenstown Gondola and 3 pulsating rides on the scenic Luge track.

With KJet you experience the fastest meanest Jet boats in town travelling across three waterways, including the world-famous Shotover and Kawarau Rivers. Reaching up to speeds of 95kph you’ll wonder how our expertly skilled drivers race up rivers less than 5cm deep.

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  • ADULT $389

  • CHILD $299

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Child age is 0 - 11 years old. Please specify weight for all passengers, this is mandatory under Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand regulations.


  • SAVE $79 when you book our High Flyer Combo
  • 60 minute Jet boat ride in Queenstown
  • Helicopter landing on The Remarkables mountain range
  • Scenic helicopter flight over Queenstown with Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters
  • Skyline Queenstown Gondola ticket
  • 3 Skyline Queenstown Luge rides


KJet High Flyer departs 2pm and returns 5pm. Please note High Flyer does not operate on Christmas Day.

See Skyline Queenstown Gondola & Luge in action


KJet Jet boat trip

    Q. What should I wear on the Jet boat?

    A. For your comfort we recommend that you dress for the weather conditions on the day, keeping in mind that in our boats you will be travelling at 95kph and therefore the wind-chill can be frosty! Don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket, your sunglasses, (or goggles in winter) sunscreen, as well as hats & gloves in winter months. Please ensure your little ones are dressed especially warm.

    Q. Can I take my bags on the Jet boat?

    A. We offer complimentary storage for small backpacks and handbags, however, due to the recent news of Covid-19 being present in Queenstown, we request that you please leave your valuables at home.

    Q. Can I take my camera on the Jet boat?

    A. On our trip there are many fantastic photo opportunities so YES, we’d love you to take your camera on board to capture these moments and share them. However, your camera is taken on board at your own risk, keep in mind with Jet boating there is the risk of getting slightly wet and we need you to be able to hold on to the hand rails, especially during our 360° spins. If you need more information about this please chat to our Reservations Team and Drivers when you check-in for your trip.

    Q. Will I get wet on the Jet boat?

    A. Part of the fun with Jet boating is the spray and drama! If you are really worried about getting wet then please request to our staff that you sit in the centre seats of the boat. Please note we can’t guarantee seating. We recommend you bring your own waterproof jacket.

    Q. What is your child age?

    A. The child age for this combo is 0 - 11 years inclusive. Children and infants must be able to fit into one of our life jackets.

    Q. What are the weight/height restrictions to ride KJet?

    A. Children – there is no height restriction to ride KJet. However, children must be able to fit into one of our life jackets. Adults – we do not have a weight restriction to ride KJet but you must be able to fit into one of our life jackets. We have a wide variety of life jackets available going up to a maximum size of 4XL.

    Q. Can I ride KJet if I am pregnant?

    A. Unfortunately, pregnant thrill-seekers are unable to ride KJet.

    Q. Can you Jet boat in the winter?

    A. Absolutely! We also have heated hand-rails to keep your hands toasty and warm.

Helicopter Trip

    Q. What type of helicopters do you fly and how many passengers can they carry?

    A. Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters own a fleet of Airbus AS350 Squirrels. These carry a total of 6 passengers plus the pilot, 2 seats are located in the front and 4 along the back.

    Q. Where do infants sit?

    A. For small infants we provide extra lap belts so that infants are restrained as well as child sized headphones which aren’t connected to the internal PA system so you don’t need to worry about other passengers hearing them if they cry. There is no minimum age to fly and we find

    Q. Do you have a maximum passenger weight?

    A. No, however for the purpose of aircraft weight and balance and in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority standard, we require all individual passenger weights at the time of booking. Passengers will be weighed again upon check-in to ensure we have accurate weights of all passengers.

    Q. What happens if our flight is cancelled or postponed due to weather?

    A. If your flight is cancelled due to weather and you are not able to reschedule, we offer a full refund for the helicopter portion. Weather plays a big part in what we do and unfortunately none of us have figured out how to control it yet!

    Q. How long do you land on the Remarkables Mountain Range?

    A. Each landing usually lasts for about 10 minutes which is plenty of time to snap a few photos. The helicopter will not be shut off during the landing.

    Q. I have a keen interest in photography, can I reserve a front seat so that I can get good shots from the helicopter?

    A. We never like to guarantee the front seat because seating allocation is at the discretion of the pilot who must consider weight and balance for helicopter safety. Because every scenic flight has a landing, there is the opportunity to change the seating arrangements part way through the flight. This makes it fairer for all passengers, giving everyone an opportunity of a front seat or window seat.

Skyline Gondola and Luge

    Q. Is the Skyline Gondola wheelchair accessible?

    A. The Skyline complex is wheelchair-friendly, and on a daily basis, we welcome guests in wheelchairs or with any other special requirements and we handle these on a case-by case basis. We will always ensure they are fully supported and catered for. We are able to slow or even stop the Gondolas if needed.

    Q. Can I bring a pram/stroller on the Gondola?

    A. Yes, if the pram/stroller is foldable, our Gondola operators are able to assist with folding it and placing it in the Gondola before you. Alternatively, you are welcome to leave your pram/stroller by our Gondola base berth and collect it once you have completed your Skyline activities.

    Q. What is the maximum capacity in the Gondola?

    A. The Gondola can fit up to 4 adults. Our Gondola operators will advise the best capacity fit if you have children when boarding.

    Q. How do I Luge?

    A. Our purpose-built Luge carts provide the rider with full control over their speed and direction using a unique braking and steering system. It's simple to use, just pull back on the handlebars to slow down or stop and push forward to accelerate.

    Q. Are there any height or age restrictions for the Luge?

    A. Riders who are under 110cm will need to ride in tandem with an adult, and only on the blue or red tracks. Additionally, only infants who are able to walk and support their own body weight are able to ride with an accompanying adult. Riders who are between 110cm and 135cm, can ride the blue and red tracks unaccompanied. Children that are 10 years old and over 135cm can ride the red track unaccompanied.



what to bring:

  • warm jacket

    warm jacket

  • casual footwear

    casual footwear

  • sunglasses


  • sunscreen


  • camera


we provide:

  • life jacket

    life jacket