Meet the drivers

We’ve got some kick-ass drivers. Meet the experts who will take you up the Shotover and Kawarau rivers in water less than 5cm deep!


Owner: Shaun

  • Nickname: Shaunski, The big Kamachi
  • From: Mossburn, Southland, New Zealand

About: Proud owner of KJet since 1987 with wife Sally, Shaun still loves getting out on the water behind the wheel. A petrol head at heart, if it has a motor and goes fast it’s good! Hence why he races his 1350 horsepower marathon Jet boat at speeds of 200kph for a bit of fun as well.

  • Years at KJet: 34
  • Quote: "Good Girl"

Operations Manager: Brett

  • Nickname: Ted (or Dad)
  • From: Temuka

About: This well-seasoned Jet boat driver now Operations Manager has been with KJet since 2006. Brett had a brief stint away from the Big Yellows and worked indoors, during which time his skin became pale and hair turned black. He returned to KJet and began to look more normal again.
In another life Brett used to leave the Queenstown winter for the UK and was a pea farmer!
Brett is from Temuka the pottery capital of NZ. He has a collection at home to prove this and is highly skilled on the pottery wheel (anyone for Ghost?)
His hobbies are chicken, Coronation Street and he enjoys a spot of cricket.

  • Years at KJet: 15
  • Quote: "That's a dozen...don't argue" "Righto"

Driver: Todd

  • Nickname: Tunnel Ram Junior
  • From: Tapanui

About: A farm boy at heart, Todd can fix anything with number eight wire. Previously a trip leader for Wild Earth Adventures, Todd is well experienced in the Tourism industry, with advanced river skills learned through his Skills Active apprenticeship.
Todd has recently moved into joining Tony and Winston in the workshop, but still drives trips when his expertise is required.

  • Years at KJet: 5
  • Quote: "Get it done"

Driver: Hamish

  • Nickname: Hammy
  • From: Wellington

About: Hamish is well known around Queenstown for his extensive knowledge of the Wakatipu Basin, excellent commentary and legendary TripAdvisor reviews. Originally driving for Nomad Safaris before driving Jet boats, he was lured to the big yellow lights of KJet in 2018. Hamish completed a Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management and has been in Queenstown for four years.

  • Years at KJet: 3
  • Quote: "She'll be right"

Driver: Jake

  • Nickname: Saus
  • From: Dunedin

About: Our resident rugby 'star' Jake played rugby in Germany in 2016 after going to school in Dunedin and playing rugby for the mighty Wakatipu. Jake has since been with KJet for two years.
Jake is called saus because of his sausage like fingers.
If Jake isn’t on the jetty, you’ll probably find him down at KFC.

  • Years at KJet: 2.5
  • Quote: "2 pies $4 can't go wrong"

Mechanic: Tony

  • Nickname: TT, ALF (Alien Life Form) Tunnel Ram and Thunder Jack
  • From: Athol

About: Company mechanic and workshop manager TT has recently celebrated his 15 year anniversary with KJet! A lover of huskies and all things mechanical, Tony keeps the Big Yellows in tip top shape and at maximum performance. Tony has 8 Alaskan Huskies, and loves taking them for a run up at Snow Farm. Tony also bought the first 2 Alaskan Huskies into New Zealand.

  • Years at KJet: 17
  • Quote: “Just monitor it” "A bit of carbon on the valve seat"

Engineer: Winston

  • Nickname: WinDog, Winnie
  • From: Lumsden

About: KJet Engineer and long term Lumsden local, Winston pretty much knows everything! If you ever want anything built, made or created, Winston is your man. Windog has been with KJet for 14 years and Tony Turner will always hold his 17 years over him. He's a true Southlander complete with rolling 'R's but doesn't want anyone to know that he was born in McDonalds in Invercargill.

  • Years at KJet: 14
  • Quote: "Here for a good time, not a long time!"